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Acoustics Redefined bring to you a new dimension in home entertainment in which we specialise.

We cater to the most elite and discerning clientele. We employ the best sound and audiovisual brands that the industry has to offer to create a unique acoustic atmosphere and environment one seldom experiences.We offer end-to-end solutions to your home entertainment requirement and they are customised to suit every clients needs.

Our approach to home entertainment is to go beyond just the living room. We provide complete integration and engineering of entire homes to provide an enriching audiovisual experience.we meticulously plan and employ stringent quality control at all stages of the project ensures that the implementation of the project is flawless. At each stage, our clients share in the development of their unique systems. Our pioneering designs combined with the best brands on offer will surely transport you to a new world.

Home entertainment redefined

We believe that to get a complete home entertainment experience, it is important to work closely with interior designers, architects and contractors. Since the quality of sound depends on various factors such as the dimension of the room, its d├ęcor and the acoustics, our team works very closely with the respective professionals to configure the right systems for your environment.

We select only the best equipment to give you the ultimate listening pleasure.

From automation, multi-channel amplifiers, cinema speakers, in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, music servers, projectors and screens, furniture, plasmas to cables. We work as consultants or as implementers, we ensure that you get a great sound experience without compromising on the aethetics.

Acoustics Redefined has its own demo room where you can have a live experience.

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